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HOMEPAGE January 5, 2009

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Welcome to the Magnetism Site!


This site will be a guide to you in learning about magnetism. There are also different subtopics about Magnetism found in this site and hope those would be helpful to all of you.

Magnets are fascinating. Bring a pair close together and they snap together and stick. Turn one of the magnets around and they repel each other. A magnet will stick to a refirgerator door but it won’t stick to an aluminum pan. Magnets come in all shapes and sizes. They are popular as toys, are utilized as compasses, and are essential elements in electric motors and generators. Magnetism is very common to everything you see, for it is an essential ingredient of light itself.

What would life be without magnetism? Many things won’t work! There will be no more reminders on our refrigerators; it can also be too hard to carry up heavy magnetic things (i.e. steel craps) and impossible to process to be able to watch television without magnetism. Why? Because televisions have magnets inside to make them work. Just like the television, computer monitors have magnets inside to make them work too. Computer storage disks are coated with an iron material that stores tiny magnetic fields in a pattern, and that is how we store data on the computer disks. Life would be too miserable without magnetism.

This topic is really interesting. You would learn many amazing facts about magnets too. Magnets are always a part of our daily lives. We could never go forward and explore more about development without the use of magnets. Without the use of magnets, we will be lost in our directions. Why? Just look at the compass it’ll tell you!

In this site, you would be learning about magnetism’s:

  • Definitions
  • History
  • Basic Concepts
  • Related SI Units

On the last part, there would be a quiz to check your understanding.

Have fun while learning!